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Welcome to Saitec POS, simplify your business process to discover our POS Solution.Take your business to the next level with our simplified POS. Whether you are new or looking for better POS System.


Grocery POS

Our GPOS software will help you to sell groceries with complete track of Inventory, Sales Data, Weight Scale & Seamless Checkout experience in no time.


Liquor POS

LPOS is the point of sale designed exclusively for your retail store. It offres everything that a liquor store needs to improve business along with saving store time & money.

Lottery Management

Lottery Management

A whole new world of Lottery Management. Saitec offers best solutions & can design, implement & manage plans for Lotteries. Whether a lottery is Established or Emerging. We are here for growth.

Laundro POS

Laundro POS

Laundro Smart provides one stop software solution and high performance application development services to all range of organizations from small to large.