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Welcome to the dynamic and the energetic team of Saitec POS where not just reaching goals is enough – reaching them authentically and aesthetically also matters a lot. We not only make clean softwares, we make sure that you find it easy to handle and your day to day work becomes easy and smooth.

We believe in providing the best and amazing software for our clients who can use them without any intensive training – meaning that we are providing customer friendly applications to use.

Our specialties include making softwares in Retail Management Sector like Point of Sale Solutions Software. Each product is made considering all minute intricacies that are part of the Trade.

Point of Sale Solutions is available for Grocery Store and Liquor Store. The softwares are made considering the huge amount of data that needs to be stored in the database, the kind of regular evaluation that you need to do regarding your business so that you can take the next step and be prepared for the future!

We also provide seamless and effortless support to the software that you purchase from us and take care in case of any rare technical issues comes up in the middle of your transactions.

Complete POS System

Saitec POS is one of the best and most comprehensive retail management software solution providers in the market and have served innumerable clients getting ahead with their business. Unique and user friendly software is what we offer.

Liquor & Grocery POS

The Grocery Point of Sale and Liquor Point of Sale software has been thus designed and developed in a manner to suit the specific market requirements and what you get is the best software that is easy to understand and operate.

Globle POS

Saitec POS is powered by Saitec Solutions (USA) Inc. which is home to some of the finest retail management products inclusive of the SmartNCash – a check cashing software, LaundroSmart – laundry specialized software and a variety of web services for your online business marketing.