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Grocery POS- Give your grocery store the ultimate overhaul and surging profits.

Grocery pos

Visiting the grocery store is a part of our daily life and one can not but go through the mundane task of buying groceries. But what if the time spent in standing in those long queues for billing becomes a thing of past? What if the tiring job of managing the inventory of your grocery store becomes a cakewalk?

Well, that’s exactly what the Grocery Point of Sale(GPOS) System is meant to do- making lives better for the customers and the store owners at every step. The GPOS has been designed with various features that automate many manual tasks and reduces errors as well as transaction time at the cash counter.

Over the years, the variety of eatables and other items sold at groceries has increased manifold. This makes it inconvenient and time-consuming for the store owners to keep track of the inventory as well as the cash transactions. But gone are the days when cash registers and separate balance scales were used. Be it greengrocers, convenience stores or supermarkets, Grocer Point of Sales(GPOS) System is the order of the day for an improved shopping experience.

Weight Scale Management: As most grocery items are priced on their weights, weighing the items forms an integral part of the checkout transaction. This software has precise weight management that is particularly designed to handle the quantity and cost of weight items.

Customer Display: This feature ensures that every transaction is unambiguous and to the point of customer satisfaction as the customer can see the product and pricing on the easy-to-read customer display.

Barcode Scanner: It is a tedious task to check prices of the items again and again. So the bar code scanner makes it an effortless job for the person at the billing counter as the scanner easily reads the UPC code printed on the various items.

Touchscreen: The touchscreen makes for an all-in-one unit minus the mouse and the keyboard. So it becomes easier for the employees to operate the cash counter with more counter space available.

Inventory Management and Item Lookout: The superior inventory management and item lookout module alerts the owner about the existing stock, the shelf-space and market-demand of various items. This feature helps you keep your stock replenished and while it also tells you what product needs to be reordered, in what quantity and when.

Reporting Module: The reporting module helps the owner to track the store performance, thus substantially reducing the back-office workload. The store owner or manager can easily print out the report at any point to check on the sound functioning of the store.

Security: As far as the security is concerned, this system has a feature that allows data and system access to different people at different levels. It includes the entry and exit activity of the employees concerned, so the employee accountability also increases in case of errors and missing cash.

Employee and Customer Database: Additionally, with the use of this software the store owner can save employee and customer database which often helps them put out special discount offers, customer loyalty cards, etc for their special customers.

So, if you own a grocery store, you can never go wrong with a Grocery POS system. It guarantees efficiency and high customer satisfaction. s